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    Many people experience difficult times in their lives through stress, anxiety or a feeling of
    being overwhelmed by life events such as grieving a country or loved ones. It might feel
    too sad or too shameful, and an outside perspective might help.

    Sometimes, we just need time for reflection. Sometimes, we feel it is time for a bigger
    change. In a safe space, ways to move forward can evolve so that you can carry on a
    familiar path with new ideas or change direction.

    Systemic therapy and counselling works in a respectful and resource-orientated manner. It
    is about your strengths and potential as well as exploring useful resources that have
    helped you to manage your life so far.

    As a systemic therapist I have also filled roles as lecturer, trainer, managing director and
    diplomatic spouse. In all my roles I have worked with people from diverse cultural and
    economic backgrounds both in the private and public sector for over 25 years.
    Over the last 15 years I lived and worked in Jamaica and the UK.
    I work in English and German.

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